Could you live in this tiny SF box?

Could you live in this? A San Francisco man recently came up with a creative solution to the ridiculously high San Francisco housing prices. He constructed a tiny pod/box inside the apartment of a friend. This is now where he lives.

tiny house websites - pod

Peter Berkowitz, 25, describes his tiny bedroom as  “the coziest bedroom I’ve ever had”. Cozy is kind.  Claustraphobic might fit as well…

tiny house websites - tiny pod

His 28 sq. ft. “pod” comes complete with LED lighting, a tiny window to let daylight in, and a fold down desk.  In a city where many people are forced to rent a single bedroom inside a home for over a $1000 per month, or where the average rent for a one bedroom apartment tops $3,500/mo., Berkowitz’s rent of  $508.00/mo. seems cheap.

tiny house websites - tiny SF pod

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