Could You Spend 3 Days In A Tiny House With Your Mom?

In an effort to see what living in a tiny house would be like this Mother and Daughter set out to give it a try and ended up testing their relationship as well in the process.  Melia Robinson and her Mom, Vicki, rented a tiny-house available on Airbnb in Plattsburgh, New York for 3 days.  And even though they have always been very close, they found being confined in 168 square feet was a challenge in several ways.

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Mom Vicki was most concerned about the bathroom situation after hearing there might be a composting toilet — essentially a covered bucket. “I might be living in the car,” she said.

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Melia was more concerned about lack of privacy and personal space. Standing at 8 feet wide and 16 feet long, the tiny house had a “modern rustic” feel and felt like being in a tree house, rather than a shoebox.However, a few hours later, their stuff spilled into disarray due to over-packing and lack of storage.

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Due to the house being built on a flatbed truck whenever someone walked around on the ground floor, the whole house teetered. And while many tiny houses use compost toilets, this toilet was a small step up from a Porta-Potty, with a lever to open the drain and a button to flush in water.

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And something to note for future builders: Melia noted that when someone went No. 2, the house had to be evacuated. The bathroom’s proximity to the kitchen was equally disturbing. The folding door did not, I repeat, did not seal odors well, and you had to wash your hands at the kitchen sink.

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She also stated that she couldn’t imagine living there in the winter, when temperatures drop to -20 degrees. Fearing that even though the tiny house is insulated, you would have to huddle around a portable space heater to keep from freezing.

“At night, the full-size bed comfortably fit the two of us, but you could only sit up if you were centered in the roof’s peak. My mom and I dealt with it, but I could see how things could get complicated with a significant other.”

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After three days, they were ready to return to their our homes and embrace the fact that we are, indeed, gluttons for space. Mom missed indoor plumbing; Melia missed having distinct spaces for specific functions: dining, sleeping, relaxing, storing, and, yes, going to the bathroom.

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They survived. They didn’t once go at each other’s throats. But neither were in a hurry to go back.

So, while the benefits of living in a tiny house are too many to count, there are some lessons to learn here and I think with time and few tweaks mother and daughter would have enjoyed their time together much more!

Photos: Melia Robinson


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