Custom Tiny House Ark

Looking for a different tiny house? How about a custom tiny house Ark? Meet Abel Zimmerman Zyl, owner of Zyl Vardos. Abel and his crew work out of his Olympia, Washington workshop making one-of-a-kind tiny houses for people all across the country.

tiny-house ark1

With amazing craftsmanship his designs blend the functionality with art.  His business, Zyl Vardos, employs a team of five carpenters who craft nearly a dozen houses a year with an average price tag of $50,000.  And yet even with a premium price tag, it’s easy to see why Zyl’s tiny houses are in demand.

tiny-house ark2

His stated goal is to have his designs feel like a house instead of a RV.  As such, all doors, windows and cabinets are custom-made. Each house takes about two months to complete, and the company usually works on two houses at a time.

tiny-house ark3


tiny-houses ark4

From his Facebook page: “I want to build a house like that old pair of scissors — the ones that fit your fingers just right. A music box you can live in — a weatherworn fiddle — so undeniable that it cannot help but get passed down from one generation to the next”.

Zyl and company recently finished up on one of his signature “fortune cookie” style houses that is headed for Portland. The future occupants are a man and his teenage son.

tiny-house ark 6

In many ways Tiny houses are still treated like a trend or novelty. However, people from all walks of life are strategically planning on building and living in tiny houses to achieve life goals and step away from consumer-driven lifestyle that doesn’t work of them any longer.  This is a genuine movement made up of people who made a conscious choice to downsize and live more simply.  Zyl’s designs thoughtfully integrate this mindset into his designs.

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