Living Tiny In 90 square feet

Living tiny in this this NY West Village apartment means living in only 90 square feet.  An yet, when Mary Helen Rowell heard the rent was ONLY $750.00 per month she snapped it up!   Once she began actually measuring, she was a bit concerned.

tiny-house 90 8

The room is only 78 inches wide!  That means the apartment is smaller than the measurements for a standard size bed.  As such, Mary asked a friend to help her build a custom bed with storage below and shelves around the window.

tiny-house 90 3

Mary is a good fit for a small space though.  “I really like getting rid of things. It’s my favorite thing.” It would seem that this would be a mandatory hobby in an apartment of this size.  Mary said: “If there are three things on the floor, it’s a disaster.” 

tiny-house 90 7

Mary found the place two years ago listed on a NYU student list.  “Everyone was laughing at the tiny box that was for rent,” says Rowell.  When she went to view the apartment, the landlord actually seemed embarrassed to show it.

Tiny-house 90 2

There are things about living in a larger space that Mary misses however: “There were all these things I was really used to having. I thought maybe I could have a comfy chair or a nook with comfortable pillows, but that didn’t work out.”

tiny-houses 90 4

Mary works in the fashion industry, but during her four years of living in New York, she’s never had a closet, so rotating clothes is something she is used to.  “I try to do one in, one out,” she says, meaning every time she buys something, she donates or gives away something else.

tiny-house 90 5tiny-house 90 6

The biggest show stopper for most people would be the bathroom.  It’s across the hall from Mary’s front door!


Photos: Max Touhey

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