Looking For A Luxury Tiny House?

Modern and comfortable this luxury tiny house has it all – and it’s mobile! It’s larger than most tiny homes, yet perfect for a couple or for a family with sleeping for up to 6. Park it permanently and enjoy it or take it for weekends and travel adventures.

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Price wise the Escape runs from $65,400 or completely loaded for $82,400.  Beautifully finished with high-end fixtures, it’s a design that allows for a full bathroom with full size tub, a kitchen with full sized appliances.

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The “living room” has a fireplace and a magic couch that changes from a sofa to a lower level bed, eliminating the need to climb up into the loft for those that can’t or don’t wish to. This is a great feature for seniors and others with small children.

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For a tiny house, it offers a lot: A full-size kitchen and bathroom, large dining or work table, living area with fireplace and big screen TV, soaring windows, on-demand hot water, even a washer/dryer. And…it sleeps up to six! A huge amount a storage is the icing on the cake!

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For me the price is a bit steep, but if you have it in the budget, that huge window and the full size bathroom and kitchen is a big draw!

Escape Traveller

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