Self-Sufficient Tiny House

This recently-completed self-sufficient tiny house is called “Thousand Crow”. Located in Vancouver, it’s a trailer-design house that comprises one large primary space and a small bathroom with composting toilet and shower. The main living area is separated into two levels with a couple of steps, and instead of a loft area for the bed, it is situated into a pull-out in the floor.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 8.44.34 AM

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Thousand Crow house uses untreated custom-milled cedar and salvaged hardwood. It’s not currently solar and requires electric hookup, but it does house a graywater system. An on-demand propane for hot water, and the home many areas for storage.

tiny-house self-sufficient 3

I think what makes this design stand out is the wooden slats on the windows which shade and filter the incoming light.

tiny-house self-sufficient 5tiny-house self-sufficient


This effect provides shading as well as some level of privacy. I’m not sure I’d be able to live with the play on light that this effect causes inside, but I do like the design effect on the exterior of the house. What do you think?

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