Tiny Luxury Apartment

This tiny luxury apartment has it all! A gourmet kitchen, full size bathtub and 2 rows of seating for the home theater!  It was designed by LAAB Architects and is located in one of the most expensive areas in the world for housing –  the heart of Hong Kong’s Central District.  With $1,416 per sq ft. being the average spent for housing in the area the clients, Michelle Tennant and Andy Knight, decided to go tiny.  Their apartment is only 309 sq. ft.

Tiny Hong Kong Apartment

Living tiny is almost required in Hong Kong, but it doesn’t bother the owners at all.

They love how comfortable their apartment is. “Many of our friends come over and visit our place, and they have never seen such a nice kitchen even though their own apartments are bigger than ours.”

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Most things in the apartment do double-duty. For instance:  The bathtub is part guest bed, a shower, or additional seating for their home theater!  Take a look….


Photos: Carters News

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